Gift to the Kindergarten

The history of WATU Secondary School explains why, on the campus, there is also a kindergarten class. In 2009, at the beginning of the building programme with only one classroom completed, the local parents asked if this could be used to house a much needed kindergarten for the area, which was agreed. The Montessori class has flourished, enjoying both support and interest from many of our donors and visitors. One such donor is the Wallsten family who has recently sent a very generous donation which has been used to buy Montessori teaching aids, first aid and kitchen equipment, seating furniture, and will be used to support a needy student and provide food for the next 2 months for the class of 36 children. The students and their teacher extend a very big thank you.


Reliable Water Supply

A very welcome improvement to the access of water by both the main campus and the adjacent girls’ boarding house has been completed due to the very generous donation by Mr. Satesh Melwani and Association Watu. Three 5,000 litre water tanks have been installed which will provide a secure and readily available supply, with the great advantage that now the girls will no longer have to carry water to the washing facilities in their block in buckets. Not surprisingly they are full of thanks to Mr. Satesh as is all the school community. 


Sponsored Walk

Many thanks to the children of Crans Montessori kindergarten (Montessori l’Idylle Grand Pré) in Switzerland for their donation of 1,983 Swiss francs.

Students from the International School of Geneva, La Chataigneraie had contacted Mrs. Philippa Romig asking for ideas and materials that would help them during their trip to Watu School and she wrote that:
“Your request comes at a timely moment, because we are just planning our sponsored walk, due to take place on June 3rd here in Crans. Each year, the children walk 4 kilometres around the fields to raise funds for a cause. This tradition started many years ago when one of my sons was preparing to go to Tanzania as you are and has continued ever since.”

Thank you from the kindergarten class for all your help.

Students from La Chataigneraie working with the kindergarten children

Students from La Chataigneraie working with the kindergarten children



Laptop Donation from Infotheek

Seventeen laptop computers arrived at WATU Secondary School on June 20th. A donation from Infotheek and Mr Hannu Ryopponen, they were delivered by a group of students from The International School of Geneva who spent a week at the school working and interacting with our students.

The ISG students also made a very generous donation which they had worked hard to earn. These funds will go towards the extension of the boys’ hostel.

The students and staff of WATU Secondary School extend their grateful thanks to all concerned.