Useful information
for visitors

Our latest volunteer (April 2016) sent the information below which others may find useful.

April 2016 2,000Tshs = about 1US$ 
3,000 Tshs = £1 GB

Accommodation: Lutheran Umoja Hostel

The hostel is very clean, free Wifi, a lot of place outside (garden), generator (always electricity at night), very good restaurant- tasty and cheap (4000-6000 Tshs. for
a dinner incl. beverage), staff are helpful and friendly,
in the centre of town.

  • Room with shared shower and toilet= 15’000 Tshs.
  • Room with shower and toilet= 30’000 Tshs.
  • Small houses (can be used by more than
    1 person) = 45’000 Tshs.

There are many more accommodation options. Here are some that have been used by other volunteers, visitors and school parties:

 The YMCA in Moshi, The International School of Moshi, The Lutheran Uhuru Hostel, Hibiscus B&B in Moshi


There are a lot of small shops (supermarkets, souvenirs etc.) around the hostel. A bigger supermarket (Nakumat) is about 20 minutes walk from the hostel.


Ask at the reception of the hostel. They know some safari organizations and can ask them to meet you at the hostel. Safaris (National parks) are expensive:
$150-$200 per day. Other possibilities are Marangu (waterfalls) or visit of a coffee farm (you can book at the Union Coffee)


Restaurant in Hostel, a lot of small restaurants in the streets (local food) I had only good experiences.

Union Coffee, Kilimanjaro Coffee Lounge, Mimosa Restaurant and others serve international food.