Co-Founder Josiah Mchome

Co-Founder Josiah Mchome

The NGO was founded in 2006 by Josiah Mchome, a teacher and educational administrator in Moshi, and Richard and Katherine Heery, teachers in Geneva Switzerland.

Josiah Mchome is the Tanzanian director and the manager of the school and Katherine and Richard Heery, both now retired, are European co-directors with responsibility for fund-raising.

The construction of the secondary school at Shiri Mgungani and the acquisition of an adjacent farm have been financed completely from donations and in 2016 this purpose-built campus accommodates:

  • Nine academic staff with a support team of five
  • 150 secondary students of whom 95% are boarders
  • A Montessori kindergarten class


What we do is:

  1. Administer a senior secondary school with an attached kindergarten 
  2. Deliver the Tanzanian National Curriculum which leads to the Tanzanian National ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels in a student-centred approach.
  3. Provide internet facilities. We have our own broadband tower and a room equipped with computers.
  4.  Offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities including football, netball, choir, music, fashion design.
  5.  Help by offering community service in the local area.
  6. Encourage a global outreach through our connections with and visits from schools from around the world and international sponsors.
  7. Expect our students to work on the adjacent school farm and help in the daily running of the school.
  8. Foster an environment where tolerance, initiative, self-reliance, co-operation and good behaviour are at a premium.
  9. Give prospective teachers the opportunity to carry out their training at the school.
  10.  Welcome volunteers.