Good News at the Start of the Academic Year 2019

The 7th January saw the start of the new academic year, and how pleasing it was for the students and teachers to be welcomed back with the news of yet more successes in examinations, this time Year 2 national exams and the Year 6 mock ‘A’ levels.

Year 2 exams are an opportunity for the younger students to experience the preparation and the sitting of serious, external exams before the all important year 4 ‘O’ levels and this year our students did so well that their results places them near the top of national school rankings.

25 with Division One , 10 with Division Two, 4 with Division Three

The mock ‘A’ level exams placed the year 6 students 13th out of 66 schools in the Kilimanjaro region., and there’s time to improve still further before the final exams in May.

Congratulations to all the students and staff.

Such great results are not only pleasing for the school community but it is also verysatisfying for donors to see how well the school is performing.