Hai District Exam Results

New exams have been introduced by the government to test that schools in Districts around the country are performing adequately. WATU Secondary is in Hai District, a region of 40 schools and approximately 3,000 pupils.

The results for Form 1 and Form 3 confirm how well the school is doing in all 9 subjects. In Form 1 WATU Secondary is placed 6/40 schools. The most pleasing results were in the sciences( e.g. Biology 1/40 ) and in no subject was the school placed below 7th position.

In Form 3 the results were even better, 1/40. Again the science results were excellent 2/40 in Physics, Chemistry and in Maths.

There was ,of course, great excitement amongst staff and students at such excellent results. Congratulations!

The fact that donations have provided the school with a lower school lab facility is now paying dividends. The school still lacks upper school science facilities and a new lab. is the next most pressing need.